Apple has released the first for the iPhone 5S, following an ad spot for the iPhone 5C in September. The two main features of Apple's new iPhone are highlighted - TouchID and the gold colour option. The ad first aired in the US during Sunday football games. 

"Introducing iPhone 5s," Apple says. "Meticulously considered and precision crafted, it's the most refined and forward thinking iPhone yet." The ad shows gold metal moulding together to create a gold handset. TouchID is quickly shown - you almost have to know what you're looking for. It's all set to the tune of Ooh La La by Goldfrapp. 

It's interesting that Apple has waited so long to release an ad on television for the iPhone 5S. The only other advertising until now was a magazine insert. The iPhone 5C,  on the other hand, has been marketed a little more aggressively, perhaps because marketing SVP Phil Schiller believes the iPhone 5S will simply sell itself. 

We gave the iPhone 5S an in-depth review, noting the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, A7 processor, M7 processor, universal 4G support and camera, all made for a better iPhone user experience.