Reports coming from China claim that Apple has halved the number of iPhone 5C smartphones it is producing on a daily basis.

Chinese website C Technology says that inside sources have revealed that the average daily production of the brightly coloured handsets now totals 150,000 units, where it was previously 300,000. It claims that the sources also state that this is because of "disappointing sales".

It has previously been said by retailers and networks that pre-orders for the iPhone 5C in the UK were lower than expected before the launch, and while Apple sold over nine million new iPhones globally in the first weekend of sale, the vast majority of those are believed to be the slightly more expensive iPhone 5S devices.

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Certainly, Apple's UK store promises to dispatch iPhone 5C phones in any of the various colours within 24 hours, suggesting that it has plenty of stock in reserve. The iPhone 5S just says "October" as its dispatch date.