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(Pocket-lint) - As the launch of the iPad 5 creeps forward to later this month, leaks and speculation have been continuing to flow, painting a picture of Apple's next tablet. The latest is from YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, which used his creative tinkering to make a case for why the iPad 5 could include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor like the just released iPhone 5S

Using one of the leaked iPad 5 front panels that have been floating around from part suppliers, Unbox Therapy shows how the iPad 4's current home button will not fit in the new build. However when he dismantled an iPhone 5S' Touch ID home button and placed it into the iPad 5 case... watcha-know - a perfect fit. It's like it was made perfectly for the iPad 5. 

We're not saying this is concrete evidence that Apple will include Touch ID on the new iPad, but it does make sense. Wouldn't Apple purposely make a part to fit its current line of iDevices (we suspect iPad mini 2 too) for easier manufacturing? It would certainly appear that way.

Of course, the Sapphire Crystal home button that houses Touch ID is presumably under tight constraints thanks to iPhone 5S popularity, so in some regards, it may make sense for Apple to leave it out of this iPad generation - making for a bit of inconsistency. As we noted in our review of the iPhone 5S, Touch ID lets users add an extra layer of security to their device. They can use their fingerprint to unlock their iPhone and authorize purchases on the App Store instead of using a password. 

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Like always, we won't know Apple's plan for sure until Tim Cook and Co. take the stage this month. Apple hasn't officially confirmed an event for October, but many publications have word Apple will announce the iPad 5, iPad mini 2, new Macs, and OS X Mavericks before the end of the year. We wrapped up the latest rumours so you know just what to expect

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 2 October 2013.