Goo.ey is a brand news class of cover for your phone or tablet that will stick it to any smooth surface without sticky glue. Is it magic or science?

Very much the latter as it uses an advanced material that takes advantage of the laws of surface tension to stick. The cover, which is smooth to the touch, sticks on to your smartphone or tablet's back using traditional glue, but can be removed and replaced without that wearing out. All you need to do is squeeze the mobile to glass, or a very smooth surface, and surface tension will hold it there.

stick your mobile to any glass without glue using a 15 goo ey cover image 2

This is great for reading a recipe in the kitchen while it's stuck to the tiles or fridge, watching the news in the morning with it stuck to your shaving mirror, or even using your mobile as a satnav as it's stuck to your car dashboard.

Goo.ey will be available for iPhone 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4, Galaxy Note 2, iPad Mini and all other iPads. Prices will start at £15 when they go on sale on 20 September.