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(Pocket-lint) - The Apple iPhone 5C's official release date is here, bringing with it a new budget price tag for a near-top-end iPhone.

The iPhone 5 is no more, and in the iPhone 5C you have a choice of five colours - white, red, yellow, blue and green - this time around along with the newly refreshed iOS 7 and LTE connectivity.

But the real question is when and where can I get it? Fear not, we've rounded up all the details below so you have everything to hand.

Although pre-order opened on 13 September, the Apple iPhone 5C is now officially available in shops from today, 20 September. It will cost you from £470 SIM free, for the 16GB model. The 32GB iPhone 5C price will be £550 SIM free. As normal, it will be available from the Apple Store for those prices.

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Apple says the iPhone 5C will work only with Vodafone and EE 4G networks, but the other UK networks are saying otherwise.


Vodafone is offering the 16GB Apple iPhone 5C for £19, with a £42 a month contract. The 24-month contract will give you 6GB of data until the end of October, Sky Sports or Spotify Premium for 6 months and unlimited minutes and texts.

If you pre-order an Apple iPhone 5C online, Vodafone are also offering a £20 bill credit for a limited time, effectively making the 16GB iPhone 5C free on the £42 a month contract.

You can find more Apple iPhone 5C deals on Vodafone’s website


O2 has announced that it is offering Apple's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on O2 Refresh tariffs in the UK, however while doing so had to admit that customers who but the iPhone on the network aren't going to get 4G from day one. O2 hasn't said when customers will be able to use 4G on either device.

The 16GB Apple iPhone 5C will be free on a £52 a month O2 contract for 24 months. It will give you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of data. There are also other options, for example you can choose to pay an upfront cost of £29.99 and drop your monthly repayments to £47 a month. 

You can find more Apple iPhone 5C deals on O2's website.


Three is offering the 16GB Apple iPhone 5C for a £49 upfront cost on its £41 a month contract. The 24-month contract comes with all you can eat data, along with 2000 any network minutes, 5000 texts and 5000 Thee-to-Three minutes. There is also a £37 a month contract that gives you 500 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data.

The company will be rolling out its 4G network from December starting in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

This £42 a month plan is recommended by Three but you can see all other Apple iPhone 5C deals on Three’s website

EE, Orange, T-Mobile

EE is recommending its £36 a month contract, which requires a one-off payment of £69.99 for the 16GB Apple iPhone 5C. The 24-month 4GEE contract comes with 1.5GB of data along with unlimited calls and texts.

For those with eligible devices, you'll be able to upgrade your phone to the iPhone 5C on EE's new Swap plan.

You can find more Apple iPhone 5C deals on EE's website

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is offering the 16GB Apple iPhone 5C for free from £32 a month for 24 months. You'll get 600 any network minutes, unlimited UK texts and 750MB of UK data, all on O2's network.

You can find more Apple iPhone 5C deals on Carphone Warehouse’s website.


Tesco Mobile will also be offering the Apple iPhone 5C on a number of 24-month contracts.

There are no upfront costs with the handset, and it will be offered on the company's Anytime Upgrade plans, allowing customers to upgrade to a new device at any time.

The cheapest monthly plan for the 16GB iPhone 5C is £35.50 a month, which will give you 1000 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB of data. The same contract will cost you £39.50 a month for the 32GB model.

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Writing by Luke Edwards and Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 10 September 2013.