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(Pocket-lint) - After all of the leaks, rumours, and pure speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its next-generation iPhone - the iPhone 5S. The new iPhone veers away from a complete redesign but, as you would expect, follows Apple's "S" naming and brings plenty of speed bumps.

And here it is, now in silver, gold and space grey. It's made of a high-grade aluminum with cut chamfered edges.

Under the hood is a 64-bit A7 processor - making it the only 64-bit smartphone in the world. That's desktop-class architecture, which means double general purpose registers, double floating point registers, more than 1 billion transistors and 100 square mm die size. In English that means the CPU is twice as fast, as are the graphics. Or 56 times as fast as the original iPhone.

The iPhone 5S will also get a new processor that Apple is calling the M7 motion coprocessor, which will handle all the motion the phone has to deal with. This gathers data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass to offload work from the A7 for improved power efficiency.

To take advantage of this Nike has developed a new app, called Nike Move, that will work like the Nike Plus Fuel Band. 

Apple says the new iPhone 5S will get 10 hours of 3G talk time and 10 hours of LTE web browsing with the battery.

Apple has also added a new sensor and new lens element to the camera. It's calling it a new 8-megapixel iSight camera. Shunning the urge to put in a sensor with more megapixels, Apple has opted for a sensor with bigger pixels instead. The five-element Apple designed lens with f/2.2 aperture combines with 15 per cent larger active sensor area for, presumably, better low-light shots. 

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There's a new flash called True Tone which solves the problem of clashing colour temperatures. There are more than 1,000 unique variations. And, possibly the best bit, it has auto image stabilisation. Burst mode gives you ten frames a second if you hold the shutter button down. It will also manage 28-megapixel panoramic photos.

When it comes to video, it captures HD 720p video at 120 fps and you can go in and select which parts of the video you want in normal speed, and which parts you want in slo-mo.

Touch ID is officially on the iPhone 5S - meaning finger-reading security on your phone. Around it is the stainless steel detection ring, so it can detect that your finger is actually on the button, so you don't have to press it. The sapphire crystal acts as a lens: the sensor essentially takes a picture of your fingerprint and analyses it.

And since it's built into iOS 7, you can make iTunes purchases by using your finger to authenticate. And, of course, can unlock your phone with a mere touch. We can see the future headlines now: "Muggers steal man's iPhone and finger."

And for pricing for the iPhone 5S: 16GB is £550, 32GB is £630 and 64GB is £710 offline. Leather cases are $40 each.

The iPhone 5S will be available for pre-order on 13 September and to buy from 20 September. Vodafone has already announced it will be selling both iPhones with its new 4GBonus plans that currently give away 4GB of free data per month. Check out our 4GBonus story for details. 

Writing by Luke Edwards and Jake Smith. Originally published on 9 September 2013.