We've seen a few videos of the iPhone 5S in the recent weeks and days, but nothing on the iPhone 5C. There have been multiple picture leaks, just no video. Until now.

A clip taken on another phone - obviously so, thanks to the aspect ratio - shows a device that could be a red iPhone 5C if you squint a bit. We've got to be honest, we're a little sceptical about its validity ourselves. We never get to see the rear of the phone. It could just be an iPhone 4 or 4S in a red protective case and held a certain way.

However, it was originally posted by Chinese website C Technology, so we'll let you make your own mind up as we count down to 10 September, the date Apple is widely expected to announce the 5C and the 5S handsets.

Pocket-lint will be bringing you all the news from the event as it happens, so make sure you join us on that day to find out the real, confirmed details on any devices Apple might unveil.