It looks like the leak sprung on the good ship Apple is pouring forth with photos of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The latter has just appeared on the ever reliable @evleaks.

We've seen plenty of leaked iPhone 5S and 5C images before but this has to be one of the best. Certainly better than iPhone 5C shots seen most recently.

This is clearly a render made by Case Mate to highlight its iPhone 5C cases, but it's the top layer that's of most interest to us. You can see the shell in question on the bottom layer under what appears to be a bumper layer. Although why anyone would need a bumper on the iPhone 5C's plastic rounded edges seems puzzling. It was originally made to protect that metal external aerial from failing under finger presses - perhaps it's just fashionable now. And here's another showing the bumper makes the 5C look rather more 5S-like.

iphone 5c appears again ahead of its expected 10 september debut image 2

Notice the single speaker, Lightning charging port and bottom end headphone port – all matching previous leaks perfectly.

With an Apple announcement expected on 10 September, and invitations rumoured to be going out today, it won't be long before the wait is over and we can get all the details at last. What this plastic, budget iPhone will cost has us very excited indeed.

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