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(Pocket-lint) - For Apple, 10 September can't come soon enough. Although it is widely expected to be the date the company will officially unveil its new iPhone models, there might not be anything left to announce as even more pictures of what are claimed to be of the coloured budget variant, the iPhone 5C, have been leaked. And this time they look about as convincing as you can get without a signed affidavit from Jonny Ive.

First published on Chinese site iapps.im but since taken down, the pics show packaging that is very similar to that featured in previously leaked photos. They also show the new phones complete and ready for shipping.

In addition, if true, it seems the wallpaper of each phone will initially ape the colour of its rear shell. The picture on the front of each is more than likely a vinyl sticker or card sheet to give the impression that it is on - we very much doubt that each phone was actually switched on at the time of taking the shot - but it's actually a nice touch. It shows off the new aesthetic look of iOS 7 in as simple a way as possible.

The newly posted pictures also show the colours of the phones more vibrantly than we've seen before and, given this evidence, we suspect that the iPhone 5C could become a very popular handset indeed. More so, perhaps, than the iPhone 5S, which is also due to be announced at the same time.

Roll on 10 September. For everyone involved.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 2 September 2013.