Apple's iPhone 5S is almost certainly arriving in several colours: black, white, gold (champagne) and maybe even graphite. But will they all be as tough as each other? The iPhone 5 in black was notorious for scratching. Jailbreak Nation apparently got hold of a gold prototype case and put it to the test.

The coin scratch test, when done gently and roughly, left no permanent markings on the gold handset while the black iPhone 5 was scratched. The side of the gold phone marked slightly, but nothing compared to the black iPhone 5, again. When attacked with a knife - surprise, surprise - they're both marked badly, but the gold does show up scratches more clearly.

So what have we learned? The gold version is still pretty ugly, but it won't show basic coin scratches as badly as the black older generation. But how will the two new models stand up side-by-side? We'll let you know when we do.