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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is said to be testing 64-bit processor technology, which could explain why separate reports suggest that the A7 chip to be used in the iPhone 5S is running 31 per cent faster than the A6 CPU found in the iPhone 5.

Yesterday, Clayton Morris, anchor for Fox News, posted on Twitter that he had been told that the new processor was super quick. "Sources are telling me the new iPhone's A7 chip is running at about 31 per cent faster than A6. I'm hearing it's very fast," he wrote.

Apple-specific site 9to5Mac then linked that comment with separate independent murmurings it had heard that Apple has been testing 64-bit processor technology. It claims that since it believes the A7 processor to be dual-core like its predecessor, there could be another reason why it offers such improved performance.

It says that its sources revealed that 64-bit processing will help out with animations, transparencies and will ensure that iOS 7 graphical effects appear to run more smoothly than on the current generation of devices.

But some believe that we won't actually see 64-bit processing until the A8 CPU, and it is claimed only that the technology is in testing, not full production, so we'll have to wait until 10 September - the date Pocket-lint's own sources continue to tout for the official announcement - for any confirmation.

Morris also tweeted that the iPhone 5S will feature greatly improved motion tracking as a camera enhancement. "I've also heard there's a separate chip devoted to motion tracking. Should be an interesting camera upgrade," he posted.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 26 August 2013.