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(Pocket-lint) - There's no stopping the flood of leaks and rumours about the next Apple iPhone - or iPhones - with both the iPhone 5S and the plastic-bodied iPhone 5C casings getting further exploration online today.

The iPhone 5S is rumoured to be the regular update for the iPhone 5. We're not expecting to see a huge change in design: we'd expect Apple to follow the lead of previous years and make some incremental changes to the hardware.

That also seems to be the story coming from this latest comparison from French site nowhereelse.fr, with the the iPhone 5 rear shell and what's purported to be the iPhone 5S rear shell laid side-by-side for comparison.

There's a larger rear hole to accommodate what's assumed to be a dual LED flash array for the new camera and there are some other minor case changes. One is a change to the attachment point for the home button, which some are reporting will integrate a fingerprint scanner.

Of course, there's nothing to confirm that any of this is genuine, but the popular rumour is that Apple will announce the new iPhone 5S on 10 September.

But that's not all in Apple rumour land today. We've long been seeing reports of a new plastic-bodied iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5C. It's assumed that this will be a more affordable device designed to compete with those great mid-range Android phones out there.

We've see it photographed, we've see plastic buttons revealed and now we have a video of the casing being compared to previous generations of iPhone. It looks to be of similar dimensions to the current iPhone 5, suggesting a display of the same size and aspect, Lightning connector and all the rest.

Rumours of a cheaper iPhone have been in circulation for many years and have never come true. This might still be an elaborate hoax, but it might encourage iPhone owners to move on from their legacy devices like the iPhone 4.

Of course, we'll bring you all the genuine news of Apple's new iPhone(s) as it becomes known.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 15 August 2013.