Korean accessory manufacturer Posh Craft has teamed with the Realize design team to create an iPhone case that will certainly be a talking point wherever you go. Made from flexible concrete, the Luna skin is both one of the sturdiest backs you could have for your device and also the absolutely unique.

Because each Luna skin is cut from a sheet of set flexible concrete, it will be totally different from the next. Bubbles form craters and therefore create a totally different pattern for each slice. That's why it's called Luna, because the end result looks like the surface of the Moon.

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There are holes for the camera and flash factored into the design, plus a Posh Craft & Realize logo. Small indentations take the place of the Apple logo on the rear.

Shown on the back of an iPhone 5 in the official pictures from and on posh-projects.com, we're not sure if the company will also make an iPhone 4 or 4S version. Nor do we know a price or release date yet. The price is still to be listed and the release is specified only as "soon". It will be worth checking back on the site regularly.