(Pocket-lint) - Apple's latest iOS 7 beta may have hidden code and text string that suggest the California company is currently testing a slow-motion video feature for an upcoming iPhone model, according to a new report. 

The video feature - codenamed Mogul - would essentially allow iPhone users to shoot at an "exceptionally fast and precise rate", as first reported by 9to5Mac. Speed tests found that Mogul enabled the iPhone to record video at 120 FPS. The ability to shoot at such high frame rates would therefore permit detailed playback at slower speeds. Voilà! Slow-motion mode.

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Mogul will likely release as a Camera app option like Panorama, Square, Video, Standard and Filters. Reference code is now in iOS 7 beta 3, though existing devices like the iPhone 5 cannot activate Mogul because of hardware limitations. With that said, the iPhone 5 is able to shoot video at 30 FPS. Apple has also revealed that iOS 7 could double frame rates for specific models.

Mogul's existence in iOS 7 beta 3 doesn't mean Apple will launch the slow-motion video feature when iOS 7 becomes publicly available this autumn. Instead, the feature will probably launch with an upcoming iPhone model. 9to5Mac couldn't confirm if it would land on the next iPhone, but it said Apple was "actively working" on Mogul for a future iPhone model. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.