Apple's upcoming iOS 7 software includes a new way to control iOS devices with head movements.

The feature was found in iOS 7's beta 2 under the Accessibility section in Settings, and it specifically enables users to operate their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by gesturing left or right with head movements.

Such head movements could act as a home button, as first noticed by 9to5Mac. They could even start Siri, launch the App switcher, adjust volume, open Notification Center or mimic tapping. 

To control or navigate in iOS 7, the Head Movements feature is likely to make use of sensors and cameras in Apple's devices.

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Apple presently offers a wide range of accessibility features that help users - especially users with disabilities - to experience all the bells and whistles of iOS. A few of the options include VoiceOver, dynamic screen magnification, playback of closed-captioned video, mono audio, reverse video and more.

Version beta 2 of iOS 7 rolled out for paid developers earlier this week through Apple's over-the-air system on iOS devices, and it notably also included iPad support and a number of improvements like new male and female Siri voices.