Apple has produced a chart to show just how little fragmentation there is with iOS. It shows a 93 per cent adoption rate for iOS 6, with just 6 per cent of users on iOS 5 and 1 per cent on anything older.

Apple was keen to emphasise how much more unified its operating system infrastructure was compared to Android at its recent WWDC developer conference. This Apple-produced pie chart backs up its claims.

Apple's third-party app developers, which are the reason why iOS's App Store is so brimming with content, are encouraged to modify apps in order to take advantage of new functions in iOS updates.

The chart, which was published via the iOS Dev Centre, makes it clear how important it is for developers to keep apps up to date. It also shows how much more unified iOS is compared to Android, which only has 4 per cent of devices running on the latest version of Jelly Bean.

Interestingly, Android publishes a similar pie chart every two weeks. Apple's is designed in such a way that it makes comparison incredibly easy. Deliberate? We imagine so.