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(Pocket-lint) - Apple held a 45-minute session at WWDC on Tuesday to discuss app frameworks, mock-ups and guidelines for MFi controllers, and it revealed Logitech and Moga had already begun developing certified controllers for an autumn release. 

Jablickar first noticed the session, called Integrating with Game Controllers, at which Apple mentioned Logitech and Moga in presentation slides as two manufacturers now working on controllers made for the iPhone. These types of controllers are called MFi controllers.

Apple opened iOS to third-party game controllers, enabling console-like gaming on its mobile devices, when it unveiled iOS 7 on Monday. Apple apparently encouraged developers during the WWDC session to create games that would use third-party game controllers, but it also allegedly specified that controllers should not be a requirement.

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Logitech also reportedly had a MFi prototype on display during the session, but there are no details available on the exact design. Apple provided two reference images for certified controllers, however, as presenters explained app frameworks that will help developers create controller-compatible games. 

Apple Insider on Thursday detailed Apple's session, although the presentation is now available to all registered Apple developers on the WWDC app. Apple presenters notably showed off a design reference for a standalone, Bluetooth LE or wireless-enabled controller with player-indicating LEDs.

The company also had a reference design for a controller that would form-fit to an iOS device and allow interaction with the display similar to how Sony's PS Vita Console works. All design references displayed a controller with a pause button, D-pad, four action buttons, dual analog sticks and shoulder triggers. 

Apple wants to help app developers launch controller-ready games through its MFi initiative, and it will try to have device specifications and APIs available when iOS launches this autumn.

Writing by Elyse Betters.