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(Pocket-lint) - In case you didn't hear, Apple showed off a redesigned version of iOS on Monday. 

And while everyone was either fawning or moaning over the new look, it seems one of the biggest changes went unnoticed. More specifically, Apple's marketing tactics have subtly changed without even a peep from the audience.

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Apple went on stage at WWDC 2013 in California to show off its revamped mobile software through pre-packaged video and live demonstrations, but it more interestingly unveiled iOS 7 on a white iPhone 5. Apple kept the black model on the back burner during its entire keynote. Gasp!

The black iPhone 5, which has usually been the main model on display in previous marketing campaigns and Apple keynotes, is also absent in the new iOS 7 mock-ups plastered throughout Apple.com. However, it does make occasional and brief appearances in Apple's iOS 7 promo video. Check it out below:

So, what does this mean? Well, tech enthusiast Dan Frommer, writing for Splat F, wondered if iOS 7 is the first version of iOS to look better on a white iPhone. If that were the case, Apple and its marketing gurus would prefer to show off iOS 7 on a white iPhone.

Moreover, a consistent, white advertising look across all mediums is more aesthetically pleasing - and modern - than a mishmash of black and white iPhones highlighting iOS 7.

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BGR took the speculation to another level and pointed to photos of alleged iPhone 5S components as possible proof that Apple will get rid of black with the iPhone 5S. This notion would also align with Frommer's post, in which he claims to have seen only iOS 7 demonstrated on a white iPhone 5S.

With that said, many rumours and reports have asserted the iPhone 5S will launch in 2013 with several new colour options. If this were true, why would Apple toss the one colour that has been around since its smartphone first debuted six years ago?

Apple clearly overlooked the black iPhone 5 when unveiling and advertising iOS 7, but whether the California company intentionally neglected the black model is just pure guesswork at this point.

Browse the gallery below for more examples of Apple showcasing iOS 7 on white iPhones. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.