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(Pocket-lint) - Duracell Powermat has introduced a new modular wireless charging solution for the Apple iPhone 5, meaning you can do away with those messy cables.

The new kit first gives you the Access case that enables wireless charging ($49.99) for your iPhone 5. The Access case is compatible with a Powermat charging surface, be that standalone unit you already have, or integrated in a venue.

But then there is the SnapBattery ($59.99), a 1950mAh external battery that will double the life of your iPhone and clips to the back of the Access case. The SnapBattery also integrates wireless charging, so whether you have the external battery in place or not, you'll be able to charge without wires. Duracell Powermat will be offering the Access case and the SnapBattery in a bundle for $99.99.

The final piece of the puzzle is the TravelMat. This is a wireless charging base, but one that also incorporates a 4200mAh battery, so can be used either connected to the mains, or on the move when you run out of power. The TravelMat will be $129.99.

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The new Duracell Powermat kit for the iPhone was designed by Yves Behar, who has worked on products for Jawbone and designed the XO computer for the OLPC foundation, and offers a convenient array of power solutions for your iPhone 5.

There's no word on UK pricing at the moment, but it will be available Stateside from 21 June.

Writing by Chris Hall.