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(Pocket-lint) - Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday confirmed that the company's design chief is currently working on a new version of iOS that will unveil at WWDC in June.

While speaking at AllThingsD's D11 conference, Cook said Apple realised Jony Ive had contributed to the "look and feel" of the company over many years and that he could do the same for software. Cook then called the design chief "absolutely incredible".

D11 host Walt Mossberg asked Cook earlier in the evening if Ive had been working on the upcoming version of iOS, and Cook simply replied: "Yes." He also noted Ive was "really key" to do the redesign.

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Recent reports have claimed iOS 7 will feature a "flat" and black and white design. Ive is heading the iOS overhaul, and he is widely known for his intense dislike of skeuomorphism. In other words, he doesn't like it when digital design mimics real life objects. Apple's mobile operating system, however, is currently brimming with lifelike textures, including paper and leather, and so many expect these elements to go away with the launch of iOS 7.

Cook told Mossberg on Tuesday that the company's leadership changes last autumn had ramped up innovation, but he would not go into specifics as to whether Scott Forstall, the man previously responsible for software at Apple, prevented collaboration. 

Although Apple hasn't said anything openly, many believe Forstall left after the Apple Maps debacle in 2012 and a shaky Siri launch in 2011.

Writing by Elyse Betters.