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(Pocket-lint) - The world is ready for iOS 7 to debut with reportedly drastic changes at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 2013 on 10 June, but many graphic artists have already imagined what might be unveiled and even posted their concept videos online based on current rumours and speculation.

Apple will likely introduce a very "flat" iOS 7, which basically means a design blend similar to Windows Phone and Google Now, while still retaining the core easiness of iOS, according to recent reports. The new look will not require a learning curve, as several core fundamentals of iOS will remain the same, including the Lock and Home screens, but many of Apple's native apps will get new icons, redesigned tool bars and other aesthetic refreshes. 

Further details have claimed iOS 7 will feature a simple black and white design. Apple's Jonathan Ive is heading the iOS overhaul, and he is widely known for his intense dislike of skeuomorphism. In other words, he doesn't like it when digital design mimics real life objects. Apple's mobile operating system, however, is currently brimming with lifelike textures, including paper and leather, and so many expect these elements to go away with the launch of iOS 7. 

With all of these reports and rumours in mind, video concepts are surfacing on a daily basis with fresh takes on basic iOS design, functions, and actions. The mock-ups are purely for entertainment purposes, but they certainly help fill the time while we patiently wait for WWDC. So, go ahead and check out five of the most notable concepts below.

ChanluChannel's Christian Lue has demonstrated some of the most recent iOS 7 rumours in the concept video above. Aside from a noticeably flat interface and absence of outdated textures, obvious tweaks include panorama backgrounds, a quick reply function that doesn't leave apps or the Home screen, and enhanced Siri capabilities such as ordering food, calling taxis and arranging pick ups. The video also imagined new folder settings, where users could add folders to folders and even scroll through folders, and improved multitask settings such as the ability to close apps automatically. 

Apfellike.com's Jürgen Ulbrich is next in line with a brief concept video that illustrates how a Lock screen could seamlessly pull together all the data inside an iPhone 6 without making a user slide-to-unlock. The new design, which is vibrant in colours, opaque boxes and flat graphics, is very similar to Google Now and beautifully depicts a quick reply feature and pull-down menu on the Lock screen. Such changes would allow for easy access to Weather, Maps, Calendar, birthday alerts and more. 

Another 30-second concept, but this time using a 7.9-inch iPad mini, comes from Appleme.de and focuses on the Safari browser for iOS 7. The video exhibits different Safari tabs and bookmarks, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, eBay, iCloud, Twitter, etc, but they are re-imagined in full-tab window previews. The design, like other concepts, avoids any heavy features and seems to employ iOS 7's rumoured black and white colour scheme. 

Digital agency Simply Zesty also developed a concept based on the bevy of rumours and speculation that precede every major Apple event. Including a vivid interface and now-standard flat look, the video features redesigned app icons, as well as a new Lock and customisable Home screen with widgets. It also added toggles to Notification Center and gave a fresh spin on popular iOS apps like Calendar, Music, Camera, Siri and Facebook.

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iAppleJailbreaker is last with a slideshow-like video of everything in iOS 7 looking rather flat and bright. From the Lock screen and icons to Settings and keyboard toggles, this concept gives a quick glance at what the next version of iOS could look like if much of the circulating speculation came to fruition. 

For more interesting concepts that delve into how Apple could drastically change iOS 7, although they don't feature flat design tweaks to the user interface, check out this video, which illustrates everything from a Settings app overhaul to full previews of open apps, or this video on possible Lock screen customisations and Notification Center enhancements.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 29 May 2013.