Onswipe claims to have seen a spike in the amount of devices accessing the internet using the unreleased iOS 7, ahead of WWDC, as testing ramps up. This leads to the obvious assumption that Apple will unveil iOS 7 at WWDC, a conference that has been used to unveil the latest versions of iOS in the past. 

TechCrunch reports that over the past week, Onswipe found the biggest server usage of iOS 7 yet. San Francisco, California, had the largest amount of iOS 7 users accessing the web at 18.75 per cent, followed by Apple's home base of Cupertino that had 17.9 per cent. The iPhone comprised of 75 per cent of all iOS 7 users, though the iPad was mixed in there as well.

So what gives Onswipe such authority? Onswipe is a New York-based company that helps web publishers customise their websites for the tablet interface. Onswipe is using its large reach over the internet to crunch the numbers. The iOS 7 users were looking up turntablesVine’s recent front-facing camera update, and information about Apple’s stock price. For some reason, Onswipe didn't reveal how many users it saw iOS 7 specifically. 

Here at Pocket-lint, we too have found increased usage of iOS 7 on our servers. We've had nine visits in the last 30 days, all from Cupertino, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale - all close to Apple's campus. At any rate, iOS 7 does indeed look to be coming, if you had a morsel of any doubt (you really shouldn't have). 

Details of iOS 7 are still a bit scant. However according to reports, it is said to be very flat, like Windows Phone, but will retain the easiness of iOS. There will be no new learning curve and several core fundamentals of iOS will remain the same, including the Lock and Home screens. Several of Apple's native apps will get new icons and redesigned tool bars, tab bars and other features in the update, according to 9to5mac. Furthermore, AllThingsD and Bloomberg reported it will be out for a summer preview for developers and ready for a September release to the masses.