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(Pocket-lint) - AT&T has reported its Q1 2013 financial earnings, letting investors know it garnered 296,000 new postpaid customers and 1.2 million new smartphone subscribers during the quarter. Smartphone sales at AT&T reached 6 million, of which, 4.8 million were iPhones - not shocking. 

Those figures made for the biggest first quarter ever at the company in terms of smartphone sales. As for the actual financials, AT&T's first quarter revenues totalled $31.4 billion ($16.7 billion of which was from wireless), down 1.5 per cent year-on-year, and consolidated net income was slightly up at $3.7 billion. 

It's become clear that AT&T is the go-to carrier stateside for the iPhone. Verizon Wireless reported 4 million iPhones sales in the first quarter, giving AT&T a pretty nice lead at 4.8 million. Interestingly, Verizon still beat AT&T in total smartphone sales, as it activated 7.2 million smartphones in total in Q1 2013, compared to AT&T's 6 million. 

Verizon not only has a more diverse mix of Android devices on its network to help garner more sales, but its 4G LTE network is also more marketed than AT&T's. Verizon has several new Android devices and a new Windows Phone coming to its network next quarter, which could cause trouble for the iPhone-focused AT&T. 

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AT&T further revealed that 14 per cent (10 million) of customers have opted for its Mobile Share plans that offer a pooled amount of data for a whole family to access under one plan.

Writing by Jake Smith.