Some of you may remember the Lytro camera, which allowed you to snap images and then select which part of a shot was in focus, now iPhone users are about to get the very same. The FocusTwist app lets you take a picture and then adjust focus after you have taken a photo.

The way it works is a lot more straightforward and simple than the Lytro approach. All it does is take photographs at multiple different focal points from the iPhone camera and then stitch them together, so you can select which point to focus on.

Pictures are stored on the FocusTwist server so you can share them with others via a link. Priced at £1.49 on iTunes right now, it makes a change from the £300-plus Lytro. These pictures are easier to share as well, as you can send a link straight from your iPhone to friends. 

You can download FocusTwist now from iTunes. Alternatively, the Lytro camera can be picked up for $399 on the Lytro website