Apple may be able to exclusively brand its mobile devices iPhone in Brazil again, as reports claim that it has struck a deal with local firm IGB Eletronica, owner of the iPhone trademark which it uses for a Gradiente Android device (using "iphone", in lower case).

In February, Brazilian courts ruled in IGB Eletronica's favour, allowing the company to continue to use the word iPhone in the country, exclusively if it wished.

The Institute of Industrial Property in Brazil also revealed that Apple was to appeal the decision, otherwise it could only use the term on clothing, in software or in publications exclusively. However, with this report of an agreement of some kind, any appeal has been withdrawn.

The news of the two companies finding a trademark solution was announced in Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. It said they had reached a "Pacific agreement". It didn't say what that might entail, or whether Apple has paid a significant sum of money to IGB Eletronica for the exclusive rights to use the name iPhone in the country.

It is known that the boss of the Brazilian company was open to the idea. "We're open to a dialogue for anything, anytime... we're not radicals," he originally said.