There were plenty of cool iPhone cases shown off at CES. Too many to cover in reality, but a few gems stood out. Alongside the utterly mad Smallworks iPhone Brickcase was PureGear's aMAZEing (apologies for the caps) puzzle solver case.

Designed for the iPhone 5, these cases feature retro colours and clever maze designs embedded on the back. That mazes are likely to add quite a bit of thickness to your phone, but that size is enough of a sacrifice for their awesome looks.

The three different cases, all priced at $30, do things slightly different. One in yellow and pink is less of a maze and more a way to help you make decisions. Featuring a printed "Yes" or "No" on the bottom, the Undecided case promises the answer to all your questions.

The other two cases, Groovy and aMAZEing, are much more like straight-up kids' puzzles, similar to the ones you might find stuck on the front of a Beano comic.

They look great and are a fun twist on the somewhat unexciting world of iPhone cases. Expect the cases to start rolling out next month.