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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has been declared “non-compliant” by a UK court, regarding the company’s half-hearted apology to Samsung over its infringement case.

The Cupertino outfit has now been given 48 hours to issue a new apology that must now sit on the homepage of Apple’s website until 14 December. 

Having lost the original infringement case here in the UK, in which Apple accused Samsung of copying its iPad design for the Samsung Galaxy Tab range, Apple was forced to publish an apology on its website. 

Though Apple did this, it was hidden on the site, with just a small hyperlink on the homepage alerting visitors to its presence.

The context of the “apology” was also questionable, accepting the court’s decision, but then pointing to jurisdictions in Germany and the US, which had found in favour of Apple. 

Apple’s actions now appear to have backfired, with this latest court decision ruling that a new apology to Samsung must be written in an 11-point size font and must appear in full on the homepage.

Despite Apple arguing that it would need 14 days to do this, the court has ruled the apology must appear on the site within 48 hours. 

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As previously instructed, Apple must also take out a series of adverts in an selection of mainstream magazines and newspapers apologising to its rival.

We guess that’s what you’d call a “bad Apple”.

Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.