Apple could face the wrath of the Chinese authorities, after it being reported that Siri is being used to find escorts/prostitutes and pornography in China, both illegal in the country.

TechInAsia claims that telling Siri “I want to visit prostitutes” will not only draw funny looks (when used in a public place), but will also provide lists of escort services, pornography hubs, and other places you wouldn’t want to take your mother. And it works in China and abroad.

After trying the same command here in the UK – for research purposes, obviously – Siri appeared a lot more innocent, retorting: “I don’t know what you mean by prostitutes.” However, tweak this command to “I want to find prostitutes” and voila Siri suggested a couple of establishments frequented by ladies of the night, allegedly. 

Apple has prided itself on its clean image, banning apps with explicit sexual content. However, its voice-recognition service Siri is obviously growing curious. 

With both prostitution and pornography illegal in China it would appear only a matter of time before Siri’s risqué findings are dealt with. A blanket ban on the cards?