A new independent survey claims consumers have been undeterred by issues concerning Apple Maps in their quest to purchase the iPhone 5.

Although thousands of complaints were made on social networks and blogs, ChangeWave Research says: “Apple Maps is not considered a problem by the overwhelming majority of users.” 

This is despite Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, publicly apologising for Apple Maps' shortcomings, recommending users turn to Bing, Nokia and even Google Maps, at least in the short term.

The same survey quizzed consumers on whether the new “Lightning” connector - which means previous Apple accessories are redundant without an adapter - would put them off buying an iPhone 5. Of those who responded, 31 per cent said it was “somewhat of a problem”, while an adamant 6 per cent described it as being “a very big” issue.

So strong is Apple's brand that it is capable of handling the odd bout of bad publicity - remember anntenagate? However, it's not infallible.

Cook and Co will certainly be hoping that no more discrepancies come to light regarding the iPhone 5, particularly with the Samsung Galaxy S III continuing to sell so well and the array of high-end Windows Phone 8 devices about to go on-sale.

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