For all those queuing or planning to queue outside the London Regent Street or Covent Garden Apple Stores for their iPhone 5, Pocket-lint would like to point out that you can walk straight into several other stockists nearby.

After we interviewed the first few people in the queue outside the flagship Apple Store in Regent Street, we wandered down Oxford Street a mere minute or two away and found several retailers who have plenty of sparkly new iPhone 5 handsets in stock, with no long wait.

The O2 store, a six-minute walk from Apple, told us there would be no more than a 10 minute delay to get you registered and sorted with your new iPhone 5.

forget the apple store the iphone 5 is available just yards away with no queues image 2

O2, Oxford Street - "About a 10 minute wait"

And Phones 4u on Oxford Street, a minute further down the road, had literally nobody ahead of us in the queue and around 70-80 iPhone 5s still in stock. The sales assistant did tell us, however, that so many customers are buying the phone on the O2 network that it's crashed their systems. It's fine to get the handset on Orange or T-Mobile.

This raises an interesting point, if customers want to use their iPhone 5's new 4G LTE capabilities, they have to sign up with Orange or T-Mobile first, before EE is publicly launched. That they are not could suggest that a majority of Brits don't really care about 4G at the moment.

Of course, the explanation could be simpler - O2 was the only network to carry the iPhone for a while, so a lot of those upgrading are still with that network. But where's the fun in that?

Carphone Warehouse on Tottenham Court Road, 14 minutes away from the Apple Store, is warning that its stock is now running low, but there's still no significant wait for one there.

If you do find you've left it too late to get a device from a phone shop, or would prefer a SIM-free model, we've also been told that the London Apple Stores have stock levels that run to tens of thousands, so if you don't mind queuing all day, you're more than likely to get one.

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