Those thinking that the black or white versions of the iPhone 5 are a bit boring will be able to get bright, colourful versions of the new phone when it arrives at the end of the week - thanks to The Colour Lab service from Mendmyi.

The UK company, which is already adding colour to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad models, has confirmed it will be doing the same for the iPhone 5.

It offers to customise your iPhone in 12 different colours with you being able to choose the colour of the front glass plate, the rear glass elements and the home button.

Colours include yellow, red, pink and brown. Yep, Nokia Lumia owners aren't the only ones who can go bright.

The team say it is also able to add custom logos and designs, allowing you to get even more creative.

Although the company has yet to confirm prices for the iPhone 5, it costs £96 to colourise the iPhone 4S and £136 for the iPad.

Which colour will you opt for?