Yeah, we all know that the iPhone 5 is a hot topic on its launch day, but little did we know that it may end up killing the internet. Well, that's probably an over-exaggeration, but live social media tracking site CheerMeter can't even keep up with the amount of traction Apple's forthcoming new handset is getting.

The iPhone 5 (a name that's now been unwittingly confirmed by Apple) had, by the time of writing this sentence, been mentioned on Twitter a staggering 507,652 times in the past day. And the count of tweets containing its name were coming in at more than 75,000 per hour.

iphone 5 75 000 tweets per hour and counting image 2

That's a mind-blowing 1,250 mentions per minute, or almost 21 mentions per second.

And by the time we've even said that, it's shot up to over 88,000 mentions - 1,173 per cent more mentions than yesterday. Heaven knows where it will end up just before 6pm (GMT). That is, unless Apple accidentally spills more beans before the press announcement.

You should check out the ChartMeter live tracking page, it even has a constantly updated section for related Instagram images that are being posted.

92,000 now... Blimey.