Flickr user Michael Rou claims to have got his hands on production cases for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini and has posted pictures of how they measure up against an actual iPhone 4S and a current iPad case.

The same user posted pictures of fully packaged iPhone 5 cases a few days ago, so is clearly close to an iDevice accessory manufacturer who has been given full specifications by Apple. And we know that certain case makers have been working with Apple for a while, with Gresso even formerly announcing its $3,000 iPhone 5 metal bumper case ahead of the smartphone's unveiling.

His case comparison shots show clearly that the iPhone 5 is longer than the iPhone 4S, in order to accommodate the much-touted 16:9 4-inch screen, although the width of the new device will be nigh-on identical to Apple's former model(s).

iphone 5 and ipad mini cases show sizes in comparison to iphone 4s and ipad image 2

"The iPhone 4 fits perfectly into the back of the iPhone 5 snap case," says Rou. "But it is obviously too thick to snap the front on. The 4 is about the same thickness as the iPhone 5 case, if not a hair thinner."

This suggests that the new iPhone 5 will be a thinner device, with Apple having shaved a little off the waistline.

The iPad mini case throws up one interesting fact: even though the iPhone 5 will have the headphone jack moved to the bottom of the device, the iPad mini will have its at the top, as with the current and former generations of the larger iPad.

If genuine, the case also confirms that the new, smaller tablet from Apple will indeed come with a 7.85-inch screen as expected.

iphone 5 and ipad mini cases show sizes in comparison to iphone 4s and ipad image 3

The iPhone 5 will be launched in San Francisco tomorrow (12 September), with the Apple press event kicking off at 6pm UK time (10am PT). Pocket-lint will be in attendance, so check back with us then for the official details.

As for the iPad mini, it is widely believed that a further Apple announcement will come in October.

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