We may be waiting with bated breath over the exact design and specifications of the iPhone 5, but a luxury mobile phone brand has jumped the gun in announcing and showing off its metal bumper case for the new Apple smartphone before the handset has been launched.

The Gresso Revolution opens up so that a new iPhone 5 can be housed as soon as it becomes available. It is made of solid titanium, chosen because it's hard to scratch, strong, yet light. A PVD-coating has been added to increase wear resistance, which also gives the bumper frame a darker colour, and the company inscription is engraved on an 18k gold inset.

iphone 5 gresso gets in early with details of 3 000 bumper case for the new iphone image 2

Each of the cases take three hours to make on digitally precise equipment and all details and components are hand crafted by one single person. This is reflected in the price, with the Gresso Revolution iPhone 5 metal bumper costing $3,000.

Only 999 of them will be made and each will be individually numbered and come in a luxurious beech box accentuated with a silk ribbon. They come with a lifetime warranty.

The case will be available from mid-October (after the iPhone 5 is expected to have hit stores) and will be available from luxury.gresso.com.