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(Pocket-lint) - A new Bluetooth widget could be about to free iPhone users from having always to have their Apple smartphone in their speaker dock, if it can get Kickstarter funding. 

The Auris Bluetooth Audio Receiver plugs into a traditional 30-pin docking station and transforms the device into a Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to ditch the physical connection with your iPhone - or to use another phone if you've switched away from Apple. 

But it also means that if Apple does start using smaller dock connectors in the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, consumers could bypass the need to have to buy a new dock or a dongle from Apple. 

Through its promotional video, Auris highlights how the Bluetooth Audio Receiver – small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket – can enable gamers to carry on playing with their iPhone or iPad while streaming the sound through the speakers. Likewise consumers will be able to listen to any music they have stored on their device while sending a text or email.

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The Auris Bluetooth Audio Receiver is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, including the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices. As well as solving any potential issues with a smaller Apple dock, the receiver should also benefit any current Apple users wanting to switch to Android for example, because they'll still be able to use their music station with their new phone.

Auris is hoping to raise $40,000 through Kickstarter to fund the project and if the smaller Apple dock connector proves true they could be in the perfect position to remedy a frustrating issue.

Writing by Danny Brogan.