A video showcasing several conceptual features that we’d like to see on the iPhone 5 has found itself into the Pocket-lint inbox.

In truth these features are unlikely actually to appear in the iPhone 5 – one’s a certain no-no – so perhaps a video entitled “iPhone 6 New Concept Features” might have been more apt.

Embedded wireless charging could appear with the iPhone 5, though with so much speculation regarding a smaller docking port that would appear far more likely - though in theory, Apple could offer both. 

Fingerprint scanning is not beyond the realms of possibility, having already appeared on some smartphones in the past. However, despite the hordes of iPhone 5 leaks to emerge these past few months, fingerprint recognition has not been championed.

The video also shows a smarter Siri, cancelling flights and synchronizing with FedEx. To be honest, we’d just take a broader knowledge of UK businesses. 

Finally we have the “Rubberband Electronics”. Now never say never in this game, but a device that actually physically stretches when you pinch and pull the screen, well let’s just say we might be waiting until iPhone 12 for that.