An invitation to what is expected to be the unveiling of the new iPhone 5 has arrived from Apple. 

The event will take place on 12 September and Pocket-lint will be in attendance, with ticket firmly grasped to our chest, to give you the lowdown on Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

Details surrounding the actual handset remain speculative with the invite giving little away, except for the giant "5" shadow, of course. What we do know is that the iPhone 5 will run Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system, unveiled at the company’s WWDC event back in June. 

We can also expect a quick turn around from the iPhone 5 being revealed. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 5 is expected to be available from 21 September.

The cynic within us does question the timing of Apple’s announcement. It comes a day before Nokia and Microsoft's big announcement in New York where the Finnish manufacturer is expected to reveal at least two Windows Phone 8 devices, including the flagship Nokia Lumia 920.

Pocket-lint will be sure to bring you a first look hands-on of the new iPhone 5 on the 12 September, and if you can't wait that long for your gadget news, the Nokia Lumia launch shortly.