Apple has confirmed the eight phones that it is seeking to ban in the US following the initial conclusion of its patent trial against Samsung.

According to court filings, Apple is looking to ban the American version of the Samsung Galaxy S II among other smartphones:

- Galaxy S 4G

- Galaxy S2 AT&T

- Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

- Galaxy S2 T-Mobile

- Galaxy S2 Epic 4G

- Galaxy S Showcase

- Droid Charge

- Galaxy Prevail

While that will cause some issues for Samsung, it is unlikely to make much difference in monthly sales figures for the South Korean company. It currently lists more than 150 different devices on sale in the US.

The list doesn't include the company's latest flagship models, the Samsung Galaxy S III or Samsung Galaxy Note, for example.

That hasn't stopped Wall Street reacting with caution over the jury's verdict to fine Samsung $1,049 billion for wilfully infringing Apple patents. More than $12 billion was wiped off Samsung's share price on Monday after the court's decision on Friday.  In contrast Apple's stock price rose slightly on the news.

Samsung is appealing the decision, but in the short term it looks as if Apple's attempt to ban last year's flagship phone will have little effect on Samsing's current sales.