Hold the front page! The iPhone 5 has been revealed with an advertisement highlighting all of its key features. Okay, so said commercial is in fact a parody that lightly mocks iPhone fanboys in the process.

The video centres around Apple asking its customers how they use their phones and subsequently developing the new iPhone 5 in accordance with their habits. Its findings? “People only use their iPhones to take photos of their food.”

Suggesting iPhone users employ their handsets to replace real-life relationships and happiness with endless photos of their food, which they post on social networks in the hope of getting likes and retweets, the mock-up iPhone 5 is in fact just a DSLR camera.

Greg Mansfield, “vice-president of iPhone product design” (he’s not really), runs us through some of its features, including a 50mm macro lens and ISO of up to 6500.

Of course if this commercial rings true with you, you might want to have a look at the Nikon CoolPix S800c that pretty much does everything seen in the parody but for real.

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