Photos of what is claimed to be a fully assembled front panel of the new iPhone 5 have become the latest leak of the next-gen Apple device. sent the images to Boy Genius Report which has in turn published them on its site. While the images clearly show the iPhone 5 to have a longer display, we can’t help but feel the screen looks somewhat stretched, with no real estate added to the left and right borders of the handset.

Previous leaks have suggested that the new iPhone 5’s display will be increased from 3.61-inches to 4.065-inches. However, whereas the length of the next-generation handset's display will be 90.25mm as opposed to the 76.65mm of the iPhone 4S, the width will remain at 51.60mm. These measurements tally with these latest images.

Apple is said to be planning its big iPhone 5 reveal on 12 September, with pre-orders for the US to be taken the same day, before it goes on sale on 21 September. However, UK customers may have to wait until early October to get their hands on the handset.

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