One of the key changes expected in the new iPhone 5 is a smaller dock connector. According to the latest reports we could be looking at a dock that houses just nine pins.

A reference to “9Pin” has been found in the iOS 6 beta and, assuming it is referring to the dock connector, suggests the smaller port will be found on all future iOS 6 devices, including new iPads.

The current dock connector found in the iPhone 4S and iPad features 30 pins, so a move to nine would be a considerable drop. However, by doing so, Apple would be able to squeeze more components into the body of the iPhone 5, thus providing more functionality.

On the downside, it means many of your current flock of Apple accessories will not be compatible. Pocket-lint has received word that Apple is actually encouraging speaker manufacturers to ditch the docking part of their audio systems altogether, instead focusing on wireless solutions.

The iPhone 5 is rumoured to be being unveiled on 12 September.

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