A team of would-be developers have tweaked Apple’s iOS in an attempt to prove once and for all that the next-gen iPhone 5 will feature a taller display.

The team at 9to5mac are convinced that the resolution of the iPhone 5 will be 1136 x 640 and made some adjustments to their iPhone 4S’ iOS Simulator application that converted the display to that ratio.

They then ran both iOS 5.1 and an early version of iOS 6. While iOS 5.1, which is available to current iPhone 4S users, displayed the homescreen with four rows of applications, iOS 6 added an additional row of apps.

iphone 5 will have taller screen tests suggest five rows of icons on the homescreen image 2

When the team adjusted the resolution to anything other than 1136 x 640, the iPhone failed to display five rows of icons correctly. 

iOS 6 will be rolled out this autumn, with an iPhone 5 launch rumoured to be on 12 September. However, some of Apple’s iOS 6 features are available now with a few select apps.

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