Apple has debuted three new Apple adverts over the weekend to highlight its in-store Genius Bar offering.

The new ads focus on customers needing help, with the blue-shirt-wearing Genius Bar employee only too happy to lend a hand.

Met with heavy criticism from the tech press in the US, the main complaint seems to be that Apple has painted its customers as idiots who don't really grasp how to do simple tasks.

However the adverts, while not as charming as the famous Mac vs PC ads, do show that Apple customers can ask their favourite computer manufacturer for help before and after they purchase their Apple device.

What perhaps is more relevant, is that it is the first time (we can remember) where Apple has placed the focus on its staff rather than the product.

In the past Apple has always put the specific device it is promoting centre stage, but here one of the three adverts doesn't even feature an Apple device at all. Even in the two that do, you have to look hard to spot the iPhone and MacBook Air. 

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