More purported new iPhone 5 leaks have emerged, this time in a video that shows all the parts being assembled, albeit without the phone’s innards.

The video shows what is alleged to be the housing of the new Apple device – expected to be unveiled this autumn – and supports a number of claims to various new features that we’ll be seeing in the iPhone 5.

For example, the back case has a brushed-metal, two-tone colour effect, while the front-facing camera has indeed been moved to the centre of the phone, sitting directly above the earpiece. At the bottom of the phone, the much-discussed mini dock connector sits inbetween two speakers.

iphone 5 more parts pieced together in pics and video image 4

The iPhone 5 is already thought to be in production, with some claiming the phone will be unveiled as early as 21 September. The new iPhone 5 will be the first Apple handset to be launched since the death of former CEO Steve Jobs.

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