More reports have surfaced suggesting that the iPhone 5 is already in production in China. However, rather than the next-gen iPhone being crafted by Foxconn, it now appears that Apple could instead be turning to it’s other manufacturing partner, Pegatron. 

According to a DigiTimes report, Taiwanese sources have confirmed that production has already begun in Pegatron’s Shanghai factory in eastern China, as the manufacturer hopes the success of the iPhone 5 will make up for a decrease in its notebook shipments.

Previous reports had suggested that it was to be Apple’s other manufacturing partner, Foxconn, which would team up with Sharp to work on the iPhone 5, with Foxconn’s chief Terry Gou telling The China Times: “The new model (iPhone) will put Samsung’s Galaxy S III to shame.” 

Of course it’s feasible that both Pegatron and Foxconn could both be involved in the manufacturing of the iPhone 5 - expected to debut in October. Let’s just hope it’s not a case of "too many cooks". Tim’s quite enough. 

Yeah, I’ll grab my coat.

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