Extreme sports enthusiasts will be able to record their death-defying eats on their iPhones without fear of damaging their handset.

While the Optrix XD Wide-Angle Rugged Action Sports Case won’t protect you from broken limbs, it will keep your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S pristine while ensuring high-definition video capture.

optrix xd sport transforms your iphone into an all action hd camera image 2

The Optrix HD features a 3-element wide-angle lens that enables a 175-degree view, while a variety of interchangeable mounts enables you to position the phone to how you require. These mounts can also be attached to a bike or helmet, leaving you free to cycle up a mountain or climb a rock face while the anti-vibration technology will help keep your footage steady.

The case has been military tested and has been awarded MIL-STD-810F billing. That is “double hard” to you and me. 

The Optrix XD case can be ordered online from both SportHitech and Amazon for $99.99.

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