Apple has found itself in a new war of words, but this time it’s with an environmental agency.

The San Francisco Department of Environment has said laptop and desktop computers made by the manufacturer will no longer qualify for city funds, a move which could effect numerous government and educational institutions in the Californian city.

Apple recently removed itself from EPEAT, a voluntary registry of green electronics that the Cupertino giant has supported since 2006.

According to the EPEAT standards, the recently unveiled MacBook Pro with Retina Display would have failed to meet the criteria on account of the battery being glued into the casing, making recycling problematic. 

However, Apple claims EPEAT is out of date, failing to take into account other important environmental areas. While EPEAT has admitted that its certifications should be brought up to speed, if Apple fails to solve its differences with the registry, a number of San Francisco organisations may swap their products for those from rival manufacturers.

Though the number of organizations that require EPEAT’s approval is small, Apple won’t take kindly to being called non eco-friendly, particularly as the company has prided itself on its green credentials.

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