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(Pocket-lint) - While these aren’t the first (nor likely to be the last) alleged images of either the iPhone 5 or rumoured iPad mini, they do give us some clues as to what we might expect. That is assuming they are genuine, of course. 

According to Gotta Be Mobile, the images show “engineering samples” of both devices, passed on to them by a “trusted” source in the Apple supply chain. 

The supposed iPhone 5 has been snapped next to a ruler and shows the device measuring around the 12cm mark in length and 6cm wide. This would tally with speculation that the device will sport a larger four-inch screen in comparison to its predecessors. 

However, it debunks claims that the rear camera will be moved to the centre of the device, as the image shows it remains in the top left hand corner, while the phone itself has a uni-body chassis. 

As for the iPad mini, well photographed resting on top of a new iPad, it does indeed look as if it will house a 7-inch display, but as well as being smaller in terms of length, it also appears it will be considerably thinner.

iphone 5 and ipad mini engineering samples snapped in the wild image 2

Other clues from the images suggest that Apple will kit the iPad out with a smaller dock connector, a move Apple has been rumoured to be considering across all of its products. 

Finally, the speaker appears to be moved to the centre of the device, presumably to help avoid any accidental hand coverage when holding the device horizontally. 

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What do you think? The real deal or as fake as a celebrity marriage?

Let us know what you think of these latest leaked images in the comments below.

Writing by Danny Brogan.