You know that phrase "only in Japan"? Well, it seems made to fit Yettide's Bathing Beauty iPhone 4/4S case. In fact, in a land where camera phones have been sold under the guise of "upskirt phones" (something that we've actually witnessed ourselves on Pocket-lint - the phones, not the act), this particular object of otaku affection is positively tame.

Costing 2,480 yen (around £20) from, the Bathing Beauty case is actually more than just a titillating adornment. The lady's head can be used as a rest, in order to support an iPhone 4 or 4S in both landscape and portrait modes.

bonkers but brilliant could this iphone case be the sexiest yet  image 4

However, the manufacturer advises that you be careful when shoving her on to her noggin: "Women in bathing so delicate, gently please use," it says. Or, at least, Google translation does.

For those not wanting to carry around the top half of a lady in their pocket (there are so many gags there, we won't actually bother) you can actually detach the bathing element, leaving a normal white iPhone case underneath.

You also get a screen protector and cleaning cloth. The latter for a number of reasons.