Prototypes of the new iPhone from Apple are said to be fitted with Near Fields Communication (NFC) technology, suggesting the manufacturer is looking at introducing the contactless payment method to its Passbook app. has pulled data from two iPhone 5 prototypes whose hardware code suggests that the yet to be unveiled device will have an NFC controller paired up to its power management unit.

As well as being able to make payments via the phone, the inclusion of NFC would also enable users to transfer information and files such as contacts between iPhones. 

Apple announced its Passbook app at its WWDC event in June, demonstrating how store credit and purchased tickets will all be stored within the app. Implementing NFC technology would be a logical step to increasing Passbook’s capabilities.

However, others have suggested that Apple will in fact turn to Bluetooth for its contactless payment methods, rather than NFC

All will be revealed when the iPhone 5 is announced as expected, later in the year.

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